Airport con­struction and Port infra­structure

We bear responsibility

By employing high-quality processing techniques, we make stress-resistant support layers and roadway surfaces from concrete. In most cases, this first of all necessitates levelling the terrain and treating the soil. Moreover, measures need to be taken to protect the environment from emissions. Surfaces encountered in airport construction are subject to widely differing levels of stress.

Load capacity, elasticity and soil compaction are all examined prior to commencing with the construction. This is absolutely vital to ensure that the subsurface is stable and able to withstand both the weather and the traffic it is subjected to.

We act in networks

Port construction involves waterway construction as well as earthwork, underground and structural engineering activities. We have a profound command of all of these disciplines and are therefore highly capable of performing even complex assignments.

Our experience means we are able to conduct precise coordination with fast cycle times. We also take care of production logistics and assume responsibility for the smooth running of all stages of the project. Our own extensive and modern machine and vehicle fleet plus our qualified and enthusiastic employees make us a highly reliable and resilient partner.