Numbers and structure

(domestic and international)

Our group is characterised by continuous development and increasing productivity. This is down to the quality of our products and services as well as the work performed by our well-trained specialist personal.

(domestic and international)

It is the enthusiasm of our employees that enables the punctual performance of our orders at a consistently high level. About 3.000 competent employees make an important contribution to the development of our group as they perform their daily work.


We offer our customers the performance and resources of a strong group at over 60 locations. That means we can be as big as our customers need for each and every project.


Our future lies with the next generation of specialists. We are always pleased to see talented young people plan a career in the construction industry. That’s why we take on hundreds of apprentices every year.


Instead of setting our sights exclusively on trained engineers, we have a strong focus on work and study courses. Our range of civil engineering programmes is rounded off with the futuristic field of community water management.


In terms of annual output, the Matthäi Group is one of the TOP 20 construction companies in Germany (as of 2021).


The Matthäi Group has its own fleet of powerful vehicles and machinery at all locations. As each of our locations also has on-demand access to the group’s resources, we are always ready for action.

Our machinery includes all the equipment we need for our construction services – from loaders and crawler excavators to mobile cement mixers.

Our own fleet of over 321 lorry units of all shapes and sizes ensures uninterrupted and seamless building site logistics.

Construction work

We carry out around 800 construction projects around Germany every year – punctual, economical and the highest quality.

Construction sites

Since 2000, approximately 15.700 construction sites have been completed.