Floating Homes

We fulfil a primitive desire

Floating homes stand for high-tech in Bauhaus design, modern architecture, and an incomparable home feeling. Many people have a dream of living over the water, a desire that stems from a primitive yearning. There is no other type of residence that is able to provide a home while satisfying a sense of wanderlust.

Matthäi is able to make this revolutionary dream come true on virtually any body of water – lakes, rivers and canals, and even at the sea. A floating home is constructed atop a pontoon made of reinforced concrete, using a highly insulated wooden frame construction. In this way, floating homes also fulfil the criteria of modern low-energy houses.

Moreover, the use of high-grade materials creates an atmosphere that remains fascinating and inspiring from one day to the next. And this is also true of the outside areas - floating homes also come equipped with a large skydeck and a private jetty. Then there is the wonderful view that nobody can spoil, for a virtually unlimited sense of personal freedom.