We combine value

90 years of Matthäi

The Matthäi company was set up 90 years ago. In this time, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience, and we have nurtured an attitude that combines high quality standards and performance orientation with a sense of responsibility and personal social involvement. Our employees take on this wealth of knowledge and experience from three generations and build on it as they put it into practice on a daily basis. Moreover, they are the ones who keep the personal attitude of our founder alive.


We attach great importance to quality. This means that we do not allow ourselves to be tempted by short-term interests and fast results. What we always search for is the best way of doing something, not the fastest, cheapest or simplest. The best way is durable, sturdy, safe and comfortable. In other words, the best way is the one that is in everybody's interest.


We attach great importance to sustainability, because we all need sustainable ideas and actions to continue to exist. Consequently, we treat natural resources and building materials with the necessary respect, and develop and employ processes that cause as little damage as possible to the environment. Sustainability also means showing responsibility in the way we treat our employees and customers - the people with whom we wish to shape our future.

Rooted in our region

We attach great importance to our regional environment, because construction projects play a central role in shaping our region, often irrevocably. This applies as much to our headquarters in Verden as it does to every site. Our regional roots enable us to serve our customers better, to comprehend and compensate for variations in interest, and avoid conflict. Moreover, our company sites are the nodes of our reliable logistics system.