Employee participation

Building Success

Achieving More Together

The Matthäi Group would like to give its employees the chance to contribute to its capital and, as a result, to its financial success.

Our Group’s most important resource is you – our staff – and we’d like to strengthen our valuable bond by offering employee shares.

We’re giving you the chance to profit from our company’s financial success by making your own capital contribution, which will be backed up by a strong voluntary contribution from the Matthäi Group.

What’s the idea?
You can contribute capital to help the Group achieve financial success.

Why should I do it?
For every euro you contribute, our company will give you the same (tax-free) amount (up to 360 EUR). You can benefit from an interest rate that’s well above the going rate. You can save money for your retirement without investing in an anonymous bank.

Why does the Matthäi Group offer this service?
We prefer to pay interest to you rather than to the banks. We also want to establish a long-term working relationship with you and give you more financial freedom when you retire.

What will happen to my money if the Group goes bankrupt?
The share of your contribution that you’ve saved by withholding part of your wages or salary is secured by a bank guarantee, which means this share will be paid out by the bank instead of the company.

Who can participate?
Any employee who has worked at our company for at least a year as of 1 October 2019.

How can I participate?
By making a direct bank transfer, by making a one-off payment when you receive your payslip in September, or by setting up a 12-month savings plan.


Who can I ask?

Mr. Brunken Tel. 04231 766-244
Mrs. Bengsch Tel. 04231 766-280
Mrs. Süßkind Tel. 04231 766-281
Mrs. True Tel. 04231 766-214

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It`s that simple

You can choose to invest through a one-off payment or savings plan. Depending on the size of your investment, Matthäi will give you an additional voluntary contribution of up to 360 EUR. This contribution is exempt from tax and social contributions in accordance with Section 3 (39) of the German Income Tax Act (EStG). Your capital and the company’s additional contribution will accrue interest at a rate of 3% and another profit-related interest rate. The interest on your capital will be paid out annually once our annual accounts have been approved less taxes (capital gains tax, solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax).

Interest Rates

The basic interest rate and profit-related interest rate will remain the same for the duration of the investment period and/or vesting period in which the capital cannot be accessed. The interest rates may be reassessed for other stock option plans in the following years.

Insolvency Insurance
The equity capital contributed by our employees is secured against insolvency by a bank guarantee. Our voluntary contribution is not protected and may be fully or partially lost in the event of insolvency.

Vesting and Notice Periods
The annual contributions (annual instalments) made through various stock options are each subject to an investment period and/or vesting period of five years.

At the end of the vesting period, annual instalments may be terminated by our company and/or silent partner at the end of the closing month for the respective participation period with a notice period of two weeks.