People impact on Matthäi

Our founders, Rudolf and Hermann Matthäi shared a great interest in other cultures, cultural histories, and past times. The respect that they showed for other ways of life and people from other places shaped the way people have always been treated in our company - and this remains true to this day.

Pictures in the desert

The Nazca lines are ground designs formed in the Peruvian desert, the meaning of which has still not been fully explained.

Dresden scientist Maria Reiche (1903-1989) devoted a large part of her academic research to studying and preserving the Nazca lines. She presumed that the lines, which are over 1,500 years old, were some kind of huge astronomical calendar. And it is also thanks to her that the area has been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Site.

A little bit of Nazca
in Verden

Impressions of Nazca are ever present at our company headquarters in Verden. Talented artists have carved the impressive figures into stone - where they accompany and shape our talks, our work and our thoughts.