2016: The Hamburger Weg Initiative

The HSV Foundation for Hamburg’s Young Talent

Hamburg’s major football team (HSV) has been successfully running the Hamburger Weg initiative alongside business partners and the City of Hamburg since 2006. The former CSR initiative was transformed into a foundation in the summer of 2015 to support the city’s social projects and create an even greater sense of institutionalised social responsibility. The focus is on Hamburg’s young talent.

“We’ve put some serious thought into how we can make the Hamburger Weg initiative an essential part of HSV”, explains the Chairman of HSV Fußball AG, Dietmar Beiersdorfer. “We’ve decided to create the foundation, because we’re convinced the initiative has to be given an even greater role. Our aim is to further strengthen HSV’s culture of social responsibility in our home city”.

The work carried out by the foundation is centred around the next generation of talent in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. The encouragement and development of children and adolescents is absolutely essential to ensure a successful future. HSV’s foundation fosters the next generation of young talent for the city and nicely complements its performance centre for young sporting talent. The Hamburger Weg initiative aims to inspire, motivate, educate and support.

The initiative is built upon three pillars: education, welfare and sport. HSV draws on its own experience to create helpful added value in all areas. “We realise that HSV can make a difference in many walks of life. We’d like to make the most of this opportunity”, states the managing director of the foundation, Stefan Wagner.

2015: Magical Places

Magical Places in the Osnabrück Region

The Regional Archaeological Department of Osnabrück is examining the question, “What makes a landscape?”. And the answer is each and every one of us, as we all experience and enjoy landscapes and help to shape, protect and harness them.

The exhibition “Magische Orte” (“Magical Places”) was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the Regional Archaeological Department with funding from the city and district of Osnabrück, the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), Sparkasse Osnabrück and Matthäi.

The exhibits include nine historical places in the region of Osnabrück, which visitors can explore on a walk to find out more about their history and stories. Extensive information about each of the places and their remains from the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages can be accessed through a special website and app, as well as through print media and local information boards. Visitors can also enjoy talks, guided tours, projects and events.

The exhibition is mainly aimed at school children and classes, in order to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the topic of landscapes and their importance for people. The Regional Archaeological Department offers projects for school children and classes, giving all young people the chance to experience landscapes first-hand by examining specific places and stories. The explicit objectives of the exhibition are to raise awareness of original forms of cultural appreciation, to educate people on the function of landscapes from prehistoric times to the present day, and to foster appreciation for landscapes as a space in need of preservation. Matthäi is relishing the chance to promote and support these concerns through its partnership.