Award-Winning Communication

DDC Award

The success of a company is often measured through KPIs like sales and earnings. But it’s much more difficult to express successful corporate communication in figures. This makes us all the more pleased that our installation “Was ist Zeit” (“What is Time”) has been honoured by the independent jury at the German Design Club (DDC). The idea for this artistic project came about as part of the 80th anniversary of the Matthäi construction company. A collage of 80 texts and images mapping the most important events of the last 80 years creates a vivid impression of the path taken by the Matthäi Group through its constantly changing history. By installing the collage in the elevator shaft at the company’s headquarters, viewers are literally taken on a journey through the Group’s history.

German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is a prestigious prize that honours successful brand management. It discovers and recognises trailblazing brands and brand builders. The Matthäi Group received three of these awards in 2016:

Corporate Design of the Matthäi Group

Our revamped corporate design picks up on our previous theme (“recognising the magnitude of the little details”). Our various areas of activity are represented by different spaces. Clear lines create a standardised map that points towards the path taken by our company. A targeted view of the overall picture promotes knowledge and discovery. Corporate oversight leads to corporate vision. And corporate vision leads to responsible action. You can only realise the consequences of your actions if you can identify boundaries and understand the context behind them. This results in well considered, clear decisions on the complex issues of modern construction – in harmony with people and nature.

Elevator Shaft Installation

Eleven collages depicting eleven historical events have been installed in a disused elevator shaft at the headquarters of the Matthäi construction company – they collectively represent the company’s 80-year history and provide an answer to the question: “What is time?”. The presentation of pictures and texts in the elevator shaft and across several staircase floors takes viewers on a physical journey through time.

Matthäi Anniversary Book

Matthäi Bauunternehmen GmbH celebrated its 80th anniversary with the publication of “Was ist Zeit?” (“What is Time?”). Various texts and images were used to present the company’s evolution through world history. A series of key events are depicted as corporate milestones, allowing viewers to take a personal approach to the topic of time through their own recollections or “inherited” memories.