Award-Winning Communication

German Brand Award 2021

The Matthäi Group’s 2020 annual calendar has won the German Brand Award. Under the title “Connecting people”, famous bridge structures from all over the world that set standards in terms of their construction, size or significance will be on display. Whether modern or hundreds of years old: a bridge is more than the connection between A and B. A bridge connects people, regions and economic areas. It ensures progress and movement. In addition, bridges are fascinating testaments to the art of construction and engineering, to which the Matthäi Group is committed. The idea of combining technical and architectural skills with the concept of social aspiration obviously appealed to the jury, so that the coveted award was presented at the end of the evaluation process. We are very happy about this success and thank all participants for the great implementation.

German Brand Award 2020

“One of Us” – that is the title of the Matthäi Group’s employee campaign, which has just won the German Brand Award. This slogan is visible and tangible in all of the Group’s internal communication. In view of continuous growth and an increasing number of locations, the campaign sends out a signal of identification and togetherness of all employees at Matthäi. The imagery shows employees of all disciplines at work, united in their will to develop their individual knowledge and strengths together – in the sense of finding the best possible solution. The jury was completely convinced by this inspiring concept and consequently awarded one of the prizes in the category “Integrated Campaign”.

German Design Award 2020

The Matthäi Group has achieved great success with the 2019 annual calendar. At the German Design Award 2020, the elaborate publication entitled “Building on Knowledge” won one of the coveted prizes. The calendar shows outstanding buildings all over the world and focuses on their excellent construction. Large container ports, huge airports, roads hundreds of kilometres long – the calendar is a superlative documentation of the construction industry – but also much more than that. Each individual building presented tells a story of benefit to society. The message: building is not an end in itself. Building is there for the people, and in some cases for many generations. This claim of the Matthäi Group was shared by the international jury of experts of the competition and awarded this idea in the category “Brand Strategy and Creation”. We are very happy about this award and thank all participants for their cooperation.

German Brand Award 2017

The Matthäi Group was awarded the German Brand Award 2017. In the category “Books and Calendars”, the company competed with a calendar book entitled “Unter den Linden”. This hardback publication illuminates the past, present and future of Berlin’s famous boulevard, establishing a fascinating link to the construction industry: change always has to do with building, creating and adapting to the political and social zeitgeist. This perpetual metamorphosis of urban development finds its counterpart on the Berlin Boulevard. The internationally renowned jury of the competition was impressed by this interdisciplinary concept and awarded both the calendar book and the accompanying calendar one of the coveted awards. We congratulate all those who worked on it on this great success.

German Design Award 2017

A great success for our Matthäi Turnkey Construction site. Its company brochure was awarded a prize at the German Design Award. It is the first publication to be executed in the revised corporate design, in this respect the award is also of cross-location significance. In addition to attractively prepared detailed information about the company, the brochure convinces with wording that clearly stands out from the pure professionalism of the competition and focuses on the social mission of the construction industry. The international jury also appreciated this approach and awarded the prize in the category “Corporate Identity”. The Matthäi Group would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of the brochure.