Demolition & Recycling

We tear down for you

The range of services offered by the Matthäi Group also includes demolition and recycling. From renovations to dismantling and demolition through to the harvesting, recycling and disposal of building materials, all of your demolition or recycling projects can be entrusted to the capable hands of our subsidiary Regrata Abbruch und Recycling GmbH & Co. KG. Drilling and blasting work of whatever size can also be handled safely and with the greatest of precision by the technical experts at our specialised subsidiary Thüringer Sprenggesellschaft. Last but not least, we maintain our own vehicle and machine pool to offer you an optimum level of flexibility, capacity and punctuality.

Copyright - Musik: "Music of The Royal Firework’s Overture“ of the National Hsin Chuang Senior High School Wind Band, CC BY 3.0