EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V.

Purpose of EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V.

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V. is a voluntary association of construction companies. It aims to actively advocate the integrity, fair business practices and value-oriented management of its members and the construction industry as a whole, and to preserve and promote the sector’s reputation.

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V. initiates and promotes all the measures required to pursue its objectives, such as by advising its members on the creation, establishment and operation of a value management system and auditing its successful implementation.

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V. also promotes regulatory measures to improve the conditions involved in the awarding and execution of construction contracts.

The association may only use its funds for the purposes set out in its statutes, and it must not favour anyone by granting expenses that are foreign to its purpose or by granting disproportionately high remuneration; the association’s members may not receive any profit shares or any other contributions from the association’s funds. The association does not aim to make a profit.

Membership is voluntary

Membership is open to any company or subsidiary that constructs buildings of any kind or carries out related activities in the Federal Republic of Germany and plans to establish a value management system. Companies are given the opportunity to join an employers’ association for the construction industry.

The value management system includes the following elements as a minimum:

- Codification
- Implementation
- Control
- Organisation

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V. is headquartered in Munich and carries out all its activities within the Federal Republic of Germany.


Source: EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e.V.