Top employer for engineers

Matthäi Group wins award from FOCUS MONEY

Doesn’t money alone make the world go round when choosing an employer is concerned? Far from it, if the results of the latest study from the Germany Test conducted by the business magazine FOCUS MONEY are taken into account. This study examined which companies offer higher education graduates, engineers and IT specialists the best career opportunities.

According to the study, highly-qualified employees choose their future employers extremely carefully. Money does play a role, of course, but not the decisive role by a long way. The work atmosphere, training opportunities, the work-life balance and varied tasks – the whole package has to fit if you want to win over young professionals.

Evidently all this applies to the Matthäi Group, because we were awarded the seal of approval “TOP Career Opportunities for Engineers”, as one of the very few of the over 22,000 companies examined to receive this honour. We are very pleased about this award and will do everything we can to improve our high standards even further in the future.