Matthäi Group wins award for corporate responsibility

WELT honours Matthäi Group

Corporate responsibility has many dimensions. It is shown in how employees, business partners and customers are treated, in dealing with both society as a whole and the environment, and also very generally in compliance with ethical standards. It is precisely these aspects that have set the value system of the Matthäi Group for many years. These values have made the company what it is today: commercially successful, a prize-winning employer and training business, and, with immediate effect, also rated with “Corporate Responsibility: high.”

This award is the result of a Germany-wide survey of more than 180,000 German managers carried out by the news broadcaster WELT with the help of the analyst institution ServiceValue. The survey was conducted without involving the companies that were examined, so the results can be assessed to be particularly objective. Bernd Afflerbach, alongside Andreas Höttler Managing Director of the Matthäi Group, is very pleased about this honour: "We are proud that we enjoy such high regard in the public eye. Responsibility always begins right inside a company. It has effects on all the teams and departments of our Group and is transmitted to the way we deal with external partners and customers. So all the positive things that make us strong internally are also visible and tangible externally. Consequently, this award is a wonderful confirmation of our company philosophy.”

The award entitles the Matthäi Group to use the relevant logo in its corporate communication. It is already clear that the Matthäi Group will consistently continue to take the path of a responsible enterprise in the future.

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