Matthäi Group wins award for corporate responsibility

Matthäi Group receives award for corporate responsibility

The news broadcaster WELT and the rating agency ServiceValue have awarded the Matthäi Group with the seal for "Corporate Responsibility: Very High”. The award recognises responsible conduct with regard to society and the environment, as well as adhering to general ethical standards. Companies are also assessed on how they conduct themselves with regard to their employees, business partners, and customers.

What is particularly impressive in the case of the Matthäi Group is that they had already been awarded the seal for "Corporate Responsibility: High" in previous years. To now be awarded the seal for "Corporate Responsibility: Very High" represents yet another significant development - and at the same time it serves as a sign that we can always strive to do better.

It becomes clear just how remarkable this improvement is when you take a closer look at the methodology that underpins this study, the basis on which the seal is awarded. The study involved a survey of executives. Around 170,000 people who work in a managerial capacity participated in the survey which examined 1,989 companies from 144 sectors.

Survey participants were asked about the conduct of other companies as part of the study. This resulted in a rating for all participating companies. Those who scored above the empirical average in their own industry received the seal for "Corporate Responsibility: High". Companies whose score was above the average were awarded the seal for "Corporate Responsibility: Very High". The fact that the Matthäi Group has achieved this status for the year 2022 serves as a welcome confirmation of the Group's efforts and commitment.

The Managing Director of the rating agency ServiceValue, which conducted the management study, also emphasised how fundamentally important the topic of corporate responsibility is. "An increasing number of organisations and people expect companies to use their influence for more than just maximising profits," comments Dr Claus Dethloff. He adds: “it is becoming increasingly important to take responsibility in a way that is both genuine and visible. For the sake of the workforce and the region as well as for society and the environment".

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