Germany’s Best Training Companies

Matthäi Group receives an award for high-quality training

Our apprentices’ results in their final examinations, which have been above average for many years, already clearly indicated that the Matthäi Group is on the right track with its young talents. This impression has now received a special confirmation – in the form of an award.

The Institute for Management and Economic Research has conducted a study, commissioned by FOCUS-MONEY and DEUTSCHLAND TEST, of the 20,000 companies in Germany with the most employees. It investigated many different areas, for example training success, the apprentice ratio, remuneration and additional offers for apprentices. The Matthäi Group was able to impress in all respects and was thus ranked amongst the best 5 % of all the training companies.

Andreas Höttler, managing partner of the Matthäi Group along with Bernd Afflerbach, sees this success as a confirmation of the corporate philosophy: “We have always put our heart and soul into our training and devoted a lot of attention to our employees. We support them by enabling them to take on responsibility at a very early stage. To assist them with this, we provide them with experienced mentors, who are able to help them in every situation. This creates strong bonds between the different generations of employees and leads to very good learning results, as well as a fantastic team spirit.” Bernd Afflerbach mentions another aspect – demographic change and the associated skills shortage: “In the construction industry in particular, companies are in fierce competition for the best young talents. To be attractive as a trainer, it is essential to have the right overall package for the young people. In this respect, this result is particularly gratifying for the Matthäi Group, as it proves that an apprenticeship at Matthäi is a real sign of quality. We can be proud of this. And of course, it spurs us on to continue to consistently pursue this course in the future.”